ASP.NET Document Viewer and .NET Document Converter


Integrate a document viewer into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly.

  • View almost any document type (70+ file formats, including PDF & Microsoft Office).
  • HTML5 Zero-footprint viewer.
  • Convert between document types.

Compatible with .NET .NET Core .NET Framework
ASP.NET Document Viewer and .NET Document Converter
Image Description
Image Description


Can view on web and convert many document file formats.
Can view from and convert to/from disk, memory, stream, URL and cloud (Microsoft Azure Blob and Amazon S3).


Universal web document viewer which works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

High Resolution

Crystal-clear zooming. High resolution rendering, preserving text and graphics (no rasterization) exactly as they are in the original.


Fast document loading, the whole document is not loaded at once, document pages are loaded as you are about to view them.


Search text within document. Navigate with bookmarks/outlines.


Change page layout modes (e.g. single page or facing pages), rotate pages and view on full screen.


Print, download original or download as PDF inside the viewer.


Secure document viewing, copy protection (DRM). Viewed documents are encrypted so they are copy-protected out of the box. Ability to disable downloading the original document or replicating it via printing or selecting and copying text.


Watermark document pages with text or image. Customize the watermarks with wide range of options e.g. position, size, rotation, opacity, color.


Pre-highlight keywords in the document, e.g. if you launch the document viewer from a search results page, you can highlight the searched keywords.


Supports being used in desktop or console applications for converting between document formats. Only the document viewer is dependant on web applications.

Easy Deployment

Single managed DLL which works both on 32-bit and 64-bit for hassle-free development and deployment.
Self-contained conversion engine, no external dependencies, e.g. you don't need to install Microsoft Office on your server.

Supported Formats

Format Extensions View on web Convert from Convert to
Portable Formats:
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) .pdf
Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) .xps
Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) .oxps
DocumentUltimate Web Viewer Format (XPZ) .xpz
Word Processing Formats:
Microsoft Word Document .docx
Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document .docm
Microsoft Word Template .dotx
Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Template .dotm
Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document .doc
Microsoft Word 97-2003 Template .dot
Rich Text Document .rtf
OpenDocument Text .odt
OpenDocument Text Template .ott
Spreadsheet Formats:
Microsoft Excel Worksheet .xlsx
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
Microsoft Excel Template .xltx
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template .xltm
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In .xlam
Microsoft Excel Binary Worksheet .xlsb
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template .xlt
Comma Separated Values File .csv
Tab Separated Values File .tsv
Data Interchange Format .dif
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template .ots
Presentation Formats:
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation .pptm
Microsoft PowerPoint Template .potx
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template .potm
Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show .ppsx
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide Show .ppsm
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
OpenDocument Presentation .odp
OpenDocument Presentation Template .otp
Diagram Formats:
Microsoft Visio Drawing .vsdx
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing .vsdm
Microsoft Visio Template .vstx
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Template .vstm
Microsoft Visio Stencil .vssx
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil .vssm
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 XML Drawing .vdx
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 XML Stencil .vsx
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 XML Template .vtx
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Drawing .vsd
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Stencil .vss
Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Template .vst
Microsoft Visio 2010 Web Drawing .vdw
Project Management Formats:
Microsoft Project Document .mpp
Microsoft Project Template .mpt
Microsoft Project Exchange File .mpx
Email Formats:
Microsoft Outlook E-mail Message .msg
E-mail Message .eml
Apple Mail E-mail File .emlx
Ebook Formats:
Electronic Publication (EPUB) .epub
Markup Formats:
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) .html, .htm
Mime HTML (MHTML) .mht, .mhtml
Web Directory (One HTML file per page) .web
Text Formats:
Plain Text Document .txt, .xml
Cad Formats:
AutoCAD Drawing (R13 to 2018) .dwg
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (R12 to 2018) .dxf
STL File Format (3D Printing) .stl
Scanner Image Formats:
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) .tif, .tiff
Deja Vu (DjVu) .djvu
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) .dcm
Vector Image Formats:
PostScript (PS) .ps
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) .svg
Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) .emf
Raster Image Formats:
Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD) .psd
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif
JPEG 2000 (JP2) .jp2, .jpf, .jpx, .j2k, .j2c, .jpc
JPEG XR (HD Photo) .jxr, .wdp, .hdp
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) .png
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) .gif
Web Image Format by Google (WebP) .webp
Truevision Graphics Adapter (TARGA) .tga, .vda, .icb
Bitmap Picture (BMP) .bmp
Portable Bitmap Format (PBM) .pbm, .ppm, .pgm
Windows Metafile (WMF) .wmf
Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) .dib
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Integrate a document viewer into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly.

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ASP.NET Document Viewer and .NET Document Converter