ASP.NET File Manager Control

ASP.NET File Manager Control

Powerful & Flexible ASP.NET File Manager ControlFor Developers

Enable your users to manage files and organize folders on your web site. Accept files from your users with the advanced upload functionality. Offer your users a structured and neat download area on your web site.

Integrate a file manager into your web site without any hassle!

We used FileUltimate in our e-commerce platform to replace our existing file manager to let our customers upload/download their files. Integration was easy and straightforward, the control works as expected and it's very stable. It's definitely a timesaving control for us.


I used this control in one of our projects for document management. It does not only allow you to view folder contents but it also allows you to upload and download files. You can instanly start to accept files from your site visitors by simply adding this control to a page, no additional code is required for handling upload. Other great thing about the control is that, it is very flexible, for instance you can define permissions for folders dynamically and it can be integrated with your existing membership and authentication system easily. Highly recommended.


We were creating an in-house web application and I came across this fantastic file management control. After implementation, we have had great feedback on the tool from our staff as well. Thank you for the great service and a great product.


Stunning and Intuitive User Interface

Easy, intuitive and responsive AJAX powered UI which looks and feels like Windows 7 Explorer.

Complete File Management

Provides all necessary functions to manage files and organize folders: Create Folder, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move, Zip and Unzip.

Advanced Upload Functionality

Allows uploading multiple files at once and displays detailed information on upload progress. Allows uploading files of unlimited size and uses minimal server resources when uploading. Enables restricting the file types that can be uploaded. Supports 4 upload modes (Html5, Silverlight, Flash and Html4) with fallback ability to assure users can successfully upload regardless of a problem with a specific mode.

Advanced Download Functionality

Allows downloading files of unlimited size. Allows downloading of multiple files or even whole folders by smartly zipping them together. Generates and streams the zip file on the fly instantly after the user clicks to download. Smartly calculates the final size of the zip to be generated beforehand so that the users can see the exact progress information on the browser's download window. Streams zips as fast as regular downloads and uses minimal server resources when zipping.

Advanced Access Control

Provides secure folder browsing by encapsulation. By using "Root Folder" concept, prevents users navigating up to parent folders. Allows browsing root folders that points to a virtual, application relative, physical or network (UNC) paths with specific display names for hiding the actual path information from users. Enables access control (permissions, quota limit, allowed file types) for root folders and their subfolders separately. Supports permissions for a folder: Full or ReadOnly or a combination of Traverse, List, Create, Delete, Rename, Edit, Upload, Download, Compress, Extract, Cut, Copy, Paste. Supports quota limit for restricting the maximum allowed size for a specific folder. Supports allowed file types to restrict certain file types in a specific folder.

Flexible API

Provides flexible object model for full integration. Integrates easily with any authentication provider. Allows you to plug in your own code by exposing events for each action. Raises "Before" events: Browsing, Creating, Deleting, Renaming, Copying, Moving, Compressing, Extracting, Uploading and Downloading. Raises "After" events: Browsed, Created, Deleted, Renamed, Copied, Moved, Compressed, Extracted, Uploaded, Downloaded and Failed.

High Performance

Renders fast and keeps the load on the page at minimum by minifying and combining Javascript and CSS files and by not using ViewState.

Multi-browser compatibility

Compatible with browsers both on Windows and Mac: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Multi-language support

Offers various bundled languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic and Catalan. Supports adding a new language or customizing an existing language.
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Need a ready-to-install file management solution?

Check FileVista for IT Administrators which is a web file manager with built-in login and administration back-end you can install easily on your web site.